After his art training at the Rietveld Academy, Steven Pluym worked
initially as art director and later on as copywriter at leading
advertising agencies. (He developed campaigns for clients like Shell,
Coca Cola, Bavaria Beer, Marlboro, Texaco, AT&T, General Motors, etc.)

In 2007 he concluded this period and made way to revive his talent for
drawing and painting.
He came in touch with Ben Evers of Artstudio Kunstkop who helped him to
get rid of his worst uncertainties and provided him of valuable advice.
Also befriended artists such as Olaf van der Beek and Rob Schotsman
recognized his talent and encouraged him to tackle his ambition


Today, Pluym has his own studio where canvas and paper are awaiting
for the adventure. His work never contains a preconceived idea, topic or
theme: everything arises, nothing is invented.
Much of his work arises from earlier stuffed fragments such as
portraits, landscapes or still lifes, of which only special details or
interesting rest pieces may survive in the final result.
An example is the head of a cyclist that was transformed into a bull
situated in a mysterious landscape (see "The Bull"). Another example is
"The Oriental Prince", where the leg of a ballerina eventually serves as
the scarf of the Prince.

In a way he uses the same method on his drawings, except that while
drawing he must suppress his consciousness even more to create
surprising shapes or facial expressions.
The work of Pluym is difficult to qualify and not aparent to a certain
style or movement. It has a character of its own: original and authentic.
It is therefore particularly very much Steven Pluym.

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